About KYchat
  • KYchat is hopefully an evolution of the old irc client mIRC (TM).
  • The goal is to make an IM client that is both easy on memory and extremely fast, unlike most clients written for *nix.
  • This is also an opportunity to make a real effort at using mono.gtk# for true cross platform compiling.
Downloads (Not quite ready for release yet)
  • June 1, 2006
    • Relaunch of project using mono.gtk#. Which is truly capable of cross platform support.

Contact info
Brian Bell
brian at boid dot isa dash geek dot com
Decode the above antispam notation to get my email address.

And many many thanks to the folks at sourceforge.net!

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Phase 1
  • Multithreading
  • Be able to run with or without skinning. I personally find skins slow down a program's response too much, but will add the capability.
  • IRC, MSN, and Gay.com
  • Run on Windows (TM), *nix, OS/X
  • Mirc like taskbar.
  • Sound on events.
  • Attach pictures to nicknames.
Phase 2
  • SSL pvt2pvt
  • DCC for IRC
  • Color! Richtext for the channel windows.
  • Dynamic plugin support
  • AOL Support
  • Skinning
  • Multi-server protocols
Phase 3
  • Perl scripting
Wish list features.
  • Basic journalling support.
  • Scheduling Calendar.
  • Email (IMAP-SSL)
  • Centeralized configuration and log storage via any database (mySQL, postgres, ms-sql). Keep same settings no matter where program is run.
Change Log.
Current Known Issues.